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The following is a list of the currently supported Fielding Stats and how they are computed:

  • Pos Position

  • GP Games Played

  • TP Time Played = Number of Outs Played at Position divided by Outs Per Inning

  • APO Assisted Put Outs

  • UAPO Unassisted Put Outs

  • PO Put Outs

  • A Assists

  • E Errors

  • FE Fielding Errors

  • TE Throwing Errors

  • BE Bobbles

  • Catcher / Pitcher Stats

  • PKO1 Pick Offs at First Base

  • PKO2 Pick Offs at Second Base

  • PKO3 Pick Offs at Third Base

  • PKO Total Pick Offs

  • PKOA1 Pick Off Attempts at First Base

  • PKOA2 Pick Off Attempts at Second Base

  • PKOA3 Pick Off Attempts at Third Base

  • PKOA Total Pick Off Attempts

  • Catcher Stats

  • PCHR Pitches Received

  • PB Passed Balls

  • DTSOB Dropped Third Strikes On Base

  • DTSOUT Dropped Third Strikes Outs

  • CS2 Caught Stealing Thrown Out at Second

  • CS3 Caught Stealing Thrown Out at Third

  • CSH Caught Stealing at Home

  • CSPOH Caught Stealing Put Out at Home

  • SBA Stolen Bases Against Catcher

  • INTF Interference

  • F% Fielding Percentage = (PO + A) divided by (PO + A + E)

  • CPE Chances Per Error = (PO + A + E) divided by E

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