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The Sacketts
Louis LŽAmour wrote 18 books about the Sacketts. Below are the titles of those books and the time frame in which they occur. They are in chronological order. I have also added other LŽAmour books where he has mentioned the Sacketts one way or another. If you know of an error or omission please email me - I havenŽt read all of his books YET.
Sacketts Land - circa 1600
To The Far Blue Mountains - circa 1600 - 1620
The Warriors Path - circa 1620s
Jubal Sackett - circa 1620s
Ride The River - circa 1840 - 1850s
The Day Breakers - circa 1870 - 1872
Sackett - circa 1874 -1875
Lando - circa 1873 - 1875
Mojave Crossing - circa 1875 - 1879
Mustang Man - circa 1875 - 1879
The Lonely Men - circa 1875-1879
Galloway - circa 1875-1879
Treasure Mountain - circa 1875 - 1879
Lonely On The Mountain - circa 1875-1879
Ride The Dark Trail - circa 1875 - 1879
The Sackett Brand - circa 1875 - 1879
The Sky-Liners - circa 1875 - 1879

The Sackett Companion
Why isn't The Man From The Broken Hills listed in the above Sackett books?  Here is an excerpt from The Sackett Companion:

"In my story Ride the Dark Trail, which is a Sackett story, I introduce Barnabas and Milo Talon for the first time, and one gets the family connection.  But The Man From The Broken Hills is definitely a Talon story, and so it shall be listed from now on." (The Sackett Companion, Louis L'Amour, 1988, p.246)

You will find the book listed in Mustang Man but Mr. L'Amour changed his mind and no longer considered it a Sackett story. You can read a short synopsis of the book below.

There has also been some discussion as to why Mr. L'Amour places The Daybreakers in the 1870-1872 date range when in the book Tyrel references (at least twice) the year 1867.  The first reference is when he is describing the Santa Fe Trail and the second reference is where he is describing the condition of the buffalo.  In addition, the map of the United States on the inside cover is also dated 1867.  If anyone has better insight on this, your comment is welcomed.

Other Novels
Son Of A Wanted Man - Occurs when Tyrel Sackett is the sheriff of Mora and Borden Chantry is a sheriff of a town east of Denver (possibly La Junta). This book occurs after Joe Sacketts death where Borden Chantry solves the murder.

Bendigo Shafter - Ethan Sackett guides a wagon train west and settles with them. This is the book, by the way, where the settlers help a Mormon group going west in the dead of winter and Porter Rockwell comes back to thank them.

The Man From The Broken Hills - The Sacketts were fierce fighting men from the hills of Tennessee. The Talons were French, but a life of piracy brought them to America. Milo was half Talon, half Sackett. He'd been riding the outlaw trail for three years, but now he was hunting a man who had betrayed a trust with his own kin. And when he found him, Milo Talon would do no less than any Sackett or Talon before him.

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