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Durango Rocky Mountain Rendezvous (DRMR)
In October 1999 the Durango Owner's Club (DOC) got together in Durango, Colorado. Here is a photo-journey of our vacation to Colorado. It has been broken down basically by each day. Enjoy the photos -- We enjoyed the trip immensely!
Day One - Monday
We spent this day driving from our home to Flagstaff, Arizona. By the time we reached Flagstaff it was dark so there were no pictures taken.

Day Two - Tuesday
When we woke up to leave Flagstaff, we were amazed at the beauty. It is basically a pine forest. We drove from Flagstaff to Four Corners, USA. At Four Corners we met the Utah Watsons and then caravanned to Durango, Colorado to where we stayed. Actually we stayed some 25 miles north of Durango at Cascade Village. It sure is a beautiful part of the Country.
Leaving Flagstaff, Arizona
The Navajo Reservation
Four Corners, USA
Entering Colorado

Day Three - Wednesday
The DOC had a morning trip to Silverton followed up by a picnic at Animas Forks Ghost Town and then some off-roading planned for the day. The Watsons decided they wanted to go horse-back riding instead. Our plan was to meet the group at the ghost town and then do some off-roading with them. We didn't make it to the ghost town in time so we had some lunch and took off on a trail ourselves. We ended up taking the Alpine Loop, also known as Engineer Pass. It was a beautiful trip. It started to snow (very very lightly) on us at the top. It took us about 2 hours to complete the loop.
Horse-Back Riding
Animas Forks Ghost Town
Engineer Pass - Off-Roading (Lots of pictures)

Day Four - Thursday
Today was the day we went to Mesa Verde. What a beautiful sight that was. The caravan out there was fun. You should have seen all the heads turn as 19 Durangos went down the highway. After Mesa Verde the DOC caravanned back to Durango for a picture with the Mayor. The Watsons missed this but we got to cruise around town a bit. We found the headquarters for the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - yummmmmmmmmm. Afterwards we went back to Cascade Village and hit the Jacuzzi and pool.
Mesa Verde

Day Five - Friday
Today the group planned a morning off-road trip followed up by a picnic in the afternoon. We decided to skip the off-roading and go for a drive. We discovered Ouray (pronounced you-ray we found out) and some beautiful countryside. After the picnic, the drivers caravanned to Silverton to drop off their Ds. The bus ride back gave the riders a chance to tell some jokes and laugh a bit. Thankfully the storytellers calmed the jokes down so they wouldn't burn Cliff's ears. It's a good thing the Sheriff watched our Ds... right Herman? (his truck got teepeed by some unknown (okay well not so unknown) So. Cals & Arizonas that were there :)
Our Road Trip
The Picnic

Day Six - Saturday
Today started out by getting up REALLY early so that we could all be ready to catch the bus to Durango by 7:30 AM. Once in Durango, Herman passed out our train tickets (and nearly passed out himself with all the hoops the conductor made him jump through). We got to board the narrow gauge train that runs from Durango to Silverton. What a beautiful ride. It took 3 hours (it was a slow crawl) but the scenery was magnificent. Once in Silverton everyone gathered together at Handlebars (a bar/restaurant) for lunch. After lunch we all went back to our Ds (which were lonely without their drivers around all night) to take off for the Gold Mine tour. Oh yea - this is when Herman found his pink D. After the tour, the group split up. Some went off-roading, some went to Silverton to buy souvenirs and some did who knows what. After we got back to Cascade Village, we started packing for tomorrows long drive home.
Our Train Ride (a lot of pictures)
Handlebars Restaurant
The Gold Mine Tour

Day Seven - Sunday
Sunday was dedicated to getting to our stopping point. We decided to spend the night in Lake Havasu, Arizona to break up the drive. When we left Colorado at 7AM (Pacific Time) it was about 32 degrees. When we got to Lake Havasu at about 6PM (Pacific Time) it was 102 degrees. Talk about a difference. We decided to go through New Mexico on the way home - that seemed more like the desert to me than Arizona did.
The Ride to Lake Havasu

Day Eight - Monday
This is it - our final leg home. Were about out of film (after going through 8 rolls) and just about home. We figured we would get home about 1PM (Pacific Time) if things went well. We decided to take the back way home through 29 Palms instead of taking the 10 Freeway. It was a much nicer drive.
The Ride Home

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