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Monterey, California 1999
On the drive up Pacific Coast Hwy we encountered lots of fog. When we rose above the fog, it layed like a thick carpet over the ocean.
Looking back south, you can see a carpet of fog over a bay.
We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We encountered such animals as flying turtles. Not really - this turtle is swimming in a huge tank.
You have a great view of the bay from the aqauarium. These are otters floating on their backs.
Here are the boys having a whale of a good time!
We took a drive along 17-Mile Drive and couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this deer grazing in somebodys driveway.
Here are the boys standing in front of Old Faithful in Calistoga, California - Great geyser - it goes off about every 15 minutes.
These are Fainting Goats. They collapse when hearing loud sharp noises. This only lasts for a little while and then they are back on their feet.