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Chrysler Prowler
We finally realized one of our dreams and purchased a Prowler!

Ours is a 2001 Mulholland Edition Prowler.  The Mulholland Edition is Prowler Midnight Blue with a blue top (the only edition that doesn't have a black top, except for the Conner Avenue Edition).  It has a light blue hand painted stripe that is signed by Dr. Ru.  The Mulholland Edition is the first series as a Chrysler.  All previous Prowlers were Plymouths.  There were 1,281 cars manufactured in this edition.

General Prowler Facts:

  • It was hand built in the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant
  • It shares the VIN series with the Dodge Viper (Also built in the same plant)
  • It has NO trunk space
  • It is NOT a kit car
  • Yes, it is EXTREMELY fun to drive
  • Last date of production was February 15, 2002
  • There were a total of 11,697 Prowlers built
  • First Model Year production was 1997.  The 1998 Model Year was skipped and resumed with 1999.

I have added the following items:

  • Colorshifting Flames (House of Kolor - Painted by Lil' Louie)
  • Mud Flaps
  • TGF Side Panels
  • TGF Bumper Covers
  • Eric Wolf Chrome Transmission Cooler Cover
  • Blueberry Shimmers
  • Front Ceramic Pads
  • Homemade Top Brace
  • SSS Muffler
  • Real Rod Weekender

I have added a few of links to some pictures of my car.  See how it has evolved!

Prowler Links