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Documents Regarding My Hemophilia Condition

All files are in Portable Document Format and require Adobe Acrobat to read
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Notes and Letters That Led Up to Discovering That I Had Hemophila

Magazine Articles About Me and Hemophilia

If anyone has any of the above material in better condition than above, it would be appreciated if it could be provided digitally and I will place it here.

My Knee Operations

In January 2001 I had my left knee replaced.  In April of 2008 I had my right knee replaced.  Here are x-ray films of my knees before and after the surgeries. You can click on any image to make it larger.  The two metal knees are made by different companies but are both Cobalt Chrome.  My left knee is made by Stryker.  My right knee is made by DePuy.  One thing interesting about my right knee is that it is more natural - it has some side to side movement like a natural knee, whereas my left knee does not.  Both of my knee operations were performed by Dr. James V. Luck, Jr. of Orthopædic Hospital in Los Angeles.

Both Knees Before My First Surgery in 2001
(Left Knee is Actually on Right Side of X-Ray)

My Left Knee, April 2009
Front View

My Left Knee, April 2009
Side View

My Right Knee, April 2009
Front View

My Right Knee, April 2009
Side View

My Ankles

On July 1, 2010 I had my ankles fused.  I had the Tib and Sub-Talor joints on both ankles taken care of.  Here are pictures of my ankles both front and side views before and after the surgy.


Left Ankle, April 2010

Left Ankle, Fused


Right Ankle, April 2010

Right Ankle, Fused


Example of a Healthy Ankle


Hemophila Links and other Information