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How Hemophilia is Passed On

A few years ago, I created a Flash file to show how Hemophilia is passed on.  This was done for a high school biology class I was asked to speak in.  The red and blue XYs are normal genes and the green Xs are hemophilia tainted genes.  In case you aren't into biology... the XY is the male and the XX is the female.  You can progress through the presentation by pressing the "Continue" button.

How Hemophilia is passed on.

Below is a legend of what is shown in the presentation:

Red X, Blue Y = Male, Not Affected by Hemophilia
Red X, Green X = Female, Carrying Hemophilia
Two Red Xs = Female, Not Affected by Hemophilia
Green X, Blue Y = Male, Hemophiliac
Two Green Xs = Female, Hemophiliac