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Womans Version
This list was given to me by who else - a woman. She swears it is the correct version. I am sure that because the 10th year is the diamond gift has nothing to do with it. If this list is too extravagant - see the Mans Version! Notice in this version how many times she gets diamonds and gold!
1st - Clocks
2nd - China
3rd - Crystal/Glass
4th - Appliances
5th - Silverware
6th - Wood
7th - Desk Sets
8th - Linens/Laces
9th - Leather
10th - Diamond Jewelry
11th - Fashion Jewelry
12th - Pearls
13th - Textiles/Furs
14th - Gold Jewelry
15th - Watches
20th - Platinum
25th - Silver
30th - Diamond
35th - Jade
40th - Ruby
45th - Sapphire
50th - Gold
55th - Emerald
60th - Diamond