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Here are a couple of my ideas for a Wraith Squadron Unit patch - as described by Aaron Allston in "Solo Command." Let me know which you like better!

I have also added the Roque Squadron Crest as described in Michael A. Stackpole in "Rogue Squadron."

If you know of any other patches around I will put them here with a link to the originator so they are sure to get credit.

Wraith Patch 1 Wraith Squadron Unit Patch
Idea 1 - Cliff Watson

"...The main element of the design was a white circle, over which, in light gray, appeared the central symbol of the New Republic, a design like the stylized bird with upswept wings. Over that were twelve X-wing silhouettes, as if viewed from above, in black; one, in the lower left portion of the circle, was large, and the eleven arrayed around it a third its size. All were oriented the same direction, from lower left to upper right, as though flying in tight, precise formation. Around the white circle was a broad blue ring bordered by two narrow gold rings." Aaron Allston, "Solo Command"
Wraith Patch 2
You can see Aaron Allston Fan Art at:
Aaron Allstons Web Site

Official Wraith Patch
Mika Sarjanen's (aka Voort) 3rd Idea

Wraith 3
Flat Rogue Patch
Rogue Squadron Crest
Ideas 1,2,3 and 4 - Cliff Watson

"Gavin Darklighter had created the crest and with Zraii's help had linked a digitized image of it into the start-up and communications packages in the squadron. The crest, which featured a twelve-pointed red star with the Alliance crest in blue at the center, had an X-wing at each point of the star. Though the image was not sanctioned by the Alliance, astrotechs had started painting it on the squadron's X-wings and Emtry had requisitioned unit patches that featured the design" Michael A. Stackpole, Rogue Squadron
2nd Flat Rogue Patch
2nd Rogue Patch
Note about the copyright statement - It does not pertain to these images since I am not George Lucas. The phrase is in the footer of my template and only pertains to my original content. I play with these images only out of my love for Star Wars. If these images, in any way, break any copyright laws, please inform me and I will remove them immediately.